PERSONALISE ... Add Your Age & Names or even a Photo!

If You Don't See the Team You Want Just Ask as We Design & Print to Order!

The better the quality the photograph you supply the better the quality of your end printed banner and it really is best to choose a sharp, clear photo 2mb or above and where the person(s) take up most of the whole photograph rather than just a small area in the middle i.e. more background than person.  Photographs from a good quality digital camera are preferable as undoubtedly they will provide the best quality print.  Images from Facebook or similar are usually very poor quality and reduced in size to go onto the website therefore these are NOT possible to use for our products.  Similarly photos from mobile phones do vary considerably in quality and whilst they may look good on a small phone screen in reality when looked at on a computer they may be of poor quality - do not just send photos from phones without first checking their quality on a computer screen at full size (100%) as otherwise you may be disappointed.



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